Over the years, orthodontic technology has undergone advancements that allow for a greater number of options when it comes to braces. Bayside Smiles offers traditional braces, as well as more discreet clear options to patients in need of tooth realignment.

Metal Braces

The most traditional option we offer are metal braces with the choice of customizing with colorful elastic bands. Metal brackets and archwires are created with high-grade stainless steel to ensure stability through the treatment. They are not the same clunky material that they once were, in fact, a decrease in the size and discomfort makes them an attractive choice for our patients.


The newest innovation in tooth realignment is the convenient, clear option. Invisalign retainers offer comfort, discretion, and safety that other types of braces simply cannot. No need to worry about difficulty with oral hygiene practices, eating, or drinking with the convenience of a removable appliance. Clear aligners gently reposition your teeth without the pain and hassle of dealing with brackets or archwires.

Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are a more visually appealing alternative to the traditional style, making them a popular choice for teenagers and adults that want to avoid having a metal mouth. Although they are less visible, the bracket size is larger than metal, which can make proper oral hygiene more difficult. A patient interested in clear braces must consider that they elastic ties are vulnerable to discoloration, and the brackets are more fragile than metal.

Contact us to find out more about the braces that we currently offer. It is necessary to have a personal consultation for us to find out the most appropriate solution for you.